Baseball bat beating in Jessamine County neighborhood

One call to police about a domestic disturbance, leads police to another involving a beating with a baseball bat.

It happened Saturday in Jessamine County.

That's where police say several people got into a fight where two of them suffered injuries.

The Jessamine County Sheriff's Office responded to two separate disturbances in the same neighborhood, the more serious altercation was on Lois Lane.

Officials say, one person was down in a yard when they arrived, but the parties had already separated.

Witnesses say two people from one home went across the street to confront an extended family member about an ongoing legal issue, and a fight broke out with one person using a souvenir baseball bat as a weapon.

After the incident was all over, a man and a woman were transported to separate hospitals.

Deputy Anthony Purcell says law enforcement agencies know all too well that as temperatures shoot upward in summer, tempers tend to boil over as well.

No arrests were made and no injuries resulted from the original call on McDowell Lane.

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