Questions remain in city administrator's death

UNION - Two weeks after City Administrator Warren Moore and his wife, Madge, were found shot to death in their Union home, community members have few answers about how and why they died, reports NKY.Com -- the on-line edition of the Cincinnati Equirier, in its Sunday postings.

The Boone County Sheriff's Department hasn't released any information in more than a week, and spokesman Tom Scheben said it will not do so.

"There is nothing new on the Moore investigation. I've commented on what I can, so there won't be any further elaboration on any aspect of the investigation. We don't make a habit of commenting on ongoing investigations, especially those of this magnitude," he wrote in an e-mail.

"The premature release of pertinent information could send this investigation into a tailspin, ultimately jeopardizing everything we've accomplished thus far."

City officials received at least one update from investigators in the days following the shooting, but haven't received any since, reports NKY.Com.

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