School murder suspect wrote note to family

Brian McGuire

A man, accused of gunning down a co-worker inside a Lexington middle school was back in court Monday morning, where police outlined their case against him.

Police testified they found a note in Brian McGurie's car, after he turned himself in earlier this month. McGuire was in Green Valley, Missouri, near Kansas City, at the time. Police say McGuire took off after killing fellow custodian Danny Donato inside Leestown Middle School.

The detective on the stand Monday morning testified the note in McGuire's car was an apology letter to his family. It also reportedly asked someone give a hug and kiss to his son.

Also on the stand Monday, the detective detailed how several witnesses at the school saw McGuire approach Donato on the morning of the shooting. The witnesses told police McGuire fired several times before running from the school.

Police say McGuire killed Donato after a long standing feud. McGuire had reportedly filed a complaint about Donato at Central Office just a day before the shooting.

A large number of friends and family members of Donato showed up to the hearing on Monday but had little to say on the case and the investigation.

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