Police Still Looking for Clues After Man Found in Burning Car

It's been a heartbreaking couple of days for Margaret Moore. Yesterday morning, her 42 year old son, John Hatton, died in his car.
A friend says the Hatton and another man were working in a garage Saturday night. He man went to bed, only to wake up just after Five Sunday morning to find Hatton's car in flames, with his friend still inside.
"It's hard to be away from home when you find out your son is dead," Moore said. "As a mother, you shed tears, and then try to be strong for the rest of the family."
An autopsy today showed Hatton died of smoke inhalation. But the cause of the car fire has not been determined. Moore says she and her family will continue to wait for answers while grieving the loss of her son.
Kentucky State Police tell us they should know by Wednesday exactly what caused the fire.