Student Stabbed At School; Threatening Note Also Found

Two students at East Jessamine High School in Nicholasville now face charges after a threatening note was found at the school Monday.

The school system says the letter claimed some students and teachers would be shot. However, it turns out the threat was just a hoax.

Police say two girls admitted to writing the note, saying they just wanted to get out of school early for holiday break. Those girls are now in a juvenile detention center charged with terroristic threatening.

The threatening note wasn't the only safety concern at East Jessamine.
Police are also investigating a stabbing at the school.

A 15-year old student said he had just finished washing his hands in the bathroom, when someone came up behind him asked him his name. When he answered, the person attacked him with a knife.

The student used his armed to fend off the attack. The knife left holes in his sweatshirt, but did not break skin.

The attacker had on blue jeans and a hooded sweatshirt.
That person has not been caught. Also, the knife used in the attack was not found.