Lincoln judge ignores pleas for lesser sentence

It was brought out in the trial that Bo Upton and Ryan Shangraw were killed in during an attempt to steal cocaine and other drugs from Shangraw's trailer.

On Tuesday, there was a final attempt to partially blame drugs for the crime, in hopes of a lesser sentence for convicted trigger man Jamarkos Campbell at his formal sentencing.

“But what I fear is that drugs will take another life, another victim,” said Edward Cooley, Campbells’ attorney.

Cooley says there's still good in the 24-year-old who was 16 when Upton and Shangraw were killed and will be 49 after 25 years in prison.

“Give him the chance to show he can be rehabilitated,” Cooley asked Judge Jeffrey Burdette.

“He’s a murderer, he's a killer. He deserves to be in prison,” countered prosecutor Eddy Montgomery.

Campbell's been in and out of jail on drug charges several times since the murders and judge Burdette ignored the final pleas for mercy.

“I believe there is a substantial risk that this defendant will commit another crime if I were to probate him,” said Judge Burdette.

After the sentencing, there was emotion from two mothers, shaken from what the 7-and-a-half-year-old crime has done to their sons.

“They cannot take away my ability to see him when I get to heaven, but they have sentenced me to a life without a child,” said Sherry Moore, Bo Upton’s mother.

“And I'm sorry that two mothers have lost their boys, but I'm really sorry that I've lost mine, too,” said Sheree Campbell, Campbell’s mother.

Jamarkos Campbell will serve a life sentence on the murder charges without parole for at least 25 years. He was also given sentences on the robbery, burglary, and wanton endangerment charges but everything is to serve concurrently.

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