Name brand knockoffs lands Lexington woman in jail

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Police take thousands of counterfeit designer handbags and jewelry and take a Lexington business woman to jail.

39-year-old Donna Dan Zheng ran the business Elegant Fashions on Southland Drive.

Her business is now closed and Zheng just got indicted by the Fayette County Grand jury.

Lt. Ron Compton with the Lexington Police says they were tipped off to the counterfeit purses back in April. Then, an undercover officer went into her store and purchased a purse.

Police then raided the business taking 3,500 fake designer items and citing Zheng for counterfeiting intellectual property.

One week later. an undercover officer again was able to buy a fake purse. This time, Zheng was placed under arrest and the Elegant Fashions business on Southland Drive is closed for good.

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