Security Increased at High School After Two Incidents

Theresa Pike says for the last three weeks she's had to come to East Jessamine High School almost every day, to make sure her daughter was safe.
"I would bring her and they would say you'll be all right, none of that is going to happen," Pike said. " It's just talk. And then this death list comes up and she's the top one in the list."
School officials say two girls at East Jessamine admitted to writing that threatening note, but claimed they did it to get out of school early.
Both were arrested, and have been charged with terroristic threatening. They had a hearing Tuesday afternoon in Juvenile Court.
"Even though the girls were arrested last night, we did do a through search of the school and the lockers," Jessamine County Schools Superintendent Lu Young said. "Every locker yesterday. We didn't find anything. Not even a pack of cigarettes."
Young also says police were still at the school Tuesday as a precaution. But once students return from holiday break, security will go back to normal because officials feel there will no longer be a danger.