Man in Custody After Police Subdue Him with Taser

Berea Police were called to the Old Middletown School Tuesday morning, after getting a report of shots being fired.
When they arrived, police say 39 year old Jeffrey Croucher confronted them. He then tried to get several officers to shoot him.
But after a short struggle, police say they were able to take Croucher into custody after using a taser.
Police say he incident actually began at his house in rural Madison County, which he shares with his parents.
They say something apparently set Croucher off, leading him to beat up his mother. She was sent to the hospital.
Police say Croucher then went to the Old Middletown School, and began wildly firing shots. No one was hit, but it created a big scare for those there.
Croucher is now in the Madison County Detention Center, facing multiple charges of wanton endangerment and assault.