Police Investigating After Several Outdoor Christmas Decorations Damaged

Garrett Dillingham says he spent hours climbing ladders and hanging lights. All to help his family celebrate the holidays at their home in the Cumberland Hills neighborhood.
But within minutes, he says someone turned the lights out on their Christmas.
"The next morning, my parents said the lights had been cut and so had a couple of houses down the street in the neighborhood," Dillingham said.
Dillingham also says his dad spent even more time trying to fuse the lights back together to get things lit again.
"I was pretty amazed kids would do this," he said. "I can imagine smashed pumpkins and stuff, but this shocked me more than anything."
Meanwhile, on the other side of the neighborhood, it's the mystery of the moving reindeer. Neighbors say each day, they wait to see what's been moved, and where it's been moved to.
Lexington Police Sgt. Dave Marcum says they're investigating a number of thefts and vandalisms involving Christmas decorations. Among them, those increasingly popular blow ups.
"That's part of the problem, easy to do, seems like they're everywhere this year," Marcum said. "It's an opportunity for people who want to take them."
So far, police say they haven't made any arrests in these cases.