Friends of shooting victims remember them on day of burial

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On the same day a pregnant woman gunned down by her ex-husband is laid to rest, we're hearing from those that knew the father of her unborn best, who was also shot to death earlier this week.

"The weight of loss and horror is almost overwhelming. Both will be missed," says Christopher Arnett.

Christopher Arnett knew Amy Davis and William Cain well. In fact, he introduced the two during their high school days.

He watched them both marry other people and recently saw Davis go through a divorce, and says when he found out she and William Cain had gotten together, he was thrilled.

"We'd all been friends since we were fifteen, and they started talking again on Myspace and one thing led to another and they started dating and they were ridiculously happy," says Arnett.

Arnett says William Cain, his best friend, was not only a great musician, but someone who meant the world to him.

"He was one of the best people I've ever met," says Arnett.

He says Cain was looking forward to the arrival of his child with Davis. She was seven months pregnant.

"He was so excited to be a father," says Arnett.

However, the friend says Cain never got his chance to be a father. The two were shot on Monday morning by Tony Patterson, the ex-husband of Amy Davis, who then turned the gun on himself, something that has hit all three families hard.

Now a day after Cain's burial, and on the day Davis is laid to rest, this friend says he still has answered questions as to why this shooting happened.

"The family is trying their best to contain their grief and move past something that's a horrible tragedy with no one left to really blame or punish for it," says Arnett.

As for Tony Patterson, his family told 27 NEWSFIRST on Wednesday that this shooting was also a shock for them as well, and they are also dealing with a loss.

Patterson and Davis had three adopted children together who are now staying with their grandparents.

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