Stolen wallet returned by sanitation worker

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How often have you heard it said, "It's a dog eat dog world out there."
But there are still some good Samaritans around.

Donnie Langfels has driven a garbage truck for more than 20 years, but until this week, he had never found anything all that unusual in the trash.

Tuesday morning, he was doing a pick-up behind Jimmy Johns on Waller Avenue when he spotted something under a dumpster.

He says, "I saw a wallet and a check book underneath there so I raised the dumpster up in the air, tilted it back, shut the truck off and got out and picked it up."

Donnie called the number on the checkbook and was told the wallet, with no cash in it, just several credit cards, had been stolen from the UK co-ed who owned it. Langfels carefully read off all the credit cards, and it was determined that none had been stolen.

They arranged to meet 20 minutes later for Donnie to get the wallet back where it belonged.

He says, "The girl thanked me right there and told me how much she appreciated everything I had done. She was so happy just to get her credit cards back along with her driver's license."

As grateful as the girl was, Donnie Langfels doesn't consider himself a hero or even a good Samaritan, just someone who was raised to know the difference between right and wrong. And isn't it nice to know that the people who collect our trash for us are trained to earn our trust.

Langfels says, "They just teach us at Lexington Waste Management when we find something to be honest and give it back. We do our job and try to help people."

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