Police say road rage may have lead to fiery crash that killed Kentucky family

Auguste Roberts & Cheryl Collins
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Investigators continue piecing together clues in a crash that killed four members of a central Kentucky family. The crash, along Interstate 75 in Valdosta, Georgia, happened early Thursday morning.

Georgia authorities say 40-year-old Jerome Roberts was driving the family's car when he somehow became engaged in an incident with another vehicle on the road. The driver of that car was reportedly on the phone with 911, reporting Roberts was trying to run him off the road, when the crash happened. Police tell the Valdosta newspaper the two vehicles had practically stopped in the middle of the road when a Penske moving truck slammed into them. They say the truck driver could not avoid the collision.

Witnesses were able to pull Roberts from the smoking car, but it burst into flames before they could get 41-year-old Cheryl Collins, their 11-year-old daughter Auguste Roberts and Collins' 20-year-old daughter, MaRhonda Collins, out of the wreckage. The coroner tells the newspaper all three died in the fire.

A prescription pill bottle found at the scene helped authorities identify the family. Other family members, who were on their way to Georgia to claim the bodies Thursday night told 27 NEWSFIRST MaRhonda Collins was on her way to audition for American Idol while in Florida.

Funeral arrangements are still pending but family members say they expect all four will be laid to rest in Georgetown.

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