Police Warn Against Swindlers At Rest Stops

Police believe there's a local contact in Scott County working with truck drivers who come into town. Police say the group of suspects use several different schemes to lure victims in.

Sometimes they get people to walk away from their cars, others pose as stranded drivers in need of a ride to another location.

Each time police say a front man says hes won the lottery or has an inheritance.

"They have one guy pull out a large sum of cash and they wan you to play a game of cards. They gather around you and force you to do it. Five or six of them surround you and there is only one of you," says Don Whitlock, a Scott County Sheriffs Deputy.

At a rest stop in Scott County, a Florida man got swindled out of his Rolex watch. He didn’t want to play the card game, but he got robbed anyway.

Whitlock says he wants to warn holiday travelers about the elaborate scheme. He says even if you play the game you are gong to lose.