Somerset Neighborhood Falls Victim to Grinch

“I was sad.”

That's how five-year-old Brooklyn Cowan felt Thursday morning when she looked out her window and saw that her inflatable Christmas bear was missing from her front yard.

The crimes occurred in the Maplewood subdivision in Somerset.

“I was ok until I saw her face and she's like, ‘Mommy where did our bear go?’” said Brooklyn’s mother, Angela.

The Bear, which cost about $120, and her plastic Santa were both stolen and their door wreath was left mangled. Angela called police and within minutes they received good news.

“Within 10 minutes they (police) called back and said they had found our stuff and for us to meet them at the police station in 10 minutes,” said Cowan.

Police say they don't know who did it.

“As a joke or whatever reason, that's pretty low,” said Somerset Police Lt. Allan Coomer.

“Here it is so close to Christmas and people want to rob and take from people who've worked hard to buy stuff for Christmas,” said Cowan.

A plastic Christmas goose was also taken and right now police are looking for its rightful owner. Anyone with information about the vandalism is asked to call 606-678-5176.