Wife of Man Injured in Deadly Accident With Trooper Talks

A man seriously injured in a crash that killed a state trooper continues to recover.
Eugene Sisco Jr. is now listed in stable condition.

Family members say Sisco is talking and moving for the first time after Tuesday night's deadly car crash.

Trooper Jonathan Leonard died Tuesday in a car crash in Pike County.
Investigators say he turned in front of Sisco's car while responding to a non-emergency call.

While Sisco tries to recover from the accident, his wife says his mind is somewhere else.
"I did ask him today if there's anything he wanted to express. ... he wanted the trooper's family... Jonathan Leonard... To know that his prayers and thoughts are with them."

Other state troopers let Sisco know their thoughts and prayers are with him. Several officers stopped by his hospital room to wish him well.