Deadly Year For Crashes In Lincoln County

Since January, 10 people have died on Lincoln County roadways and state and local officials will be meeting Monday morning to discuss why the roads have become so dangerous.

Bill Demrow has been Lincoln County's coroner for 26 years. He's seen death up close hundreds of times..but he can't ever remember a year like this one..with 10 deadly crashes so far.

“It's very unusual for a county the size of Lincoln to have that many highway fatalities in that short of period of time,” said Demrow.

One of the worst happened on May 6th..when Wanda Nance and Greg Hager died when their car collided with a truck on U.S. Hwy 27 on Hall's Gap Hill. Clinton Perry was a friend of both.

“We lost a couple of good people,” he said.

And he's among those who fears more will be lost if conditions don't change.

“It’s all the time. I don't know if it's careless driving or if it's the road conditions or what it could bem,” said Perry.

Monday's meeting will involve state and local officials and police discussing ways to improve highway safety. But Demrow also says some roads..such as U.S. 27...need to be made safer. Construction is underway to widen that roadway to the north in Garrard...and to the south in Pulaski..but nothing yet in Lincoln.

“It’s always surprising me to when I inquire about it, that they say, well the traffic flow is not as great here, which is impossible. If you're gonna travel 27, you're gonna cross 27, it has to be the same,” said Demrow.

Of the 10 fatalities, state officials say 3 victims were not wearing seat belts and 6 accidents involved alcohol.

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