Stanford Family Loses Everything in Fire, Including Presents

A florescent lamp is blamed for starting a fire that destroyed almost everything inside Cindy Taylor’s home on East Depot Street in Stanford, including Christmas presents for her grandchildren, ironically which had just been delivered by the firefighters Wednesday.

The fire started around 6PM Thursday in Taylor’s bedroom closet. Also, a strange twist of irony, that’s where the presents were being stored, which she was going to give to her three grandchildren for Christmas

“I stood there last night and watched their stuff burn. There wasn't anything I could do,” says Taylor with tears in her eyes.

Taylor and her boyfriend escaped the fire with only the clothes on their backs. No one was hurt, including her two beloved cats. “I would like to say thank you to the EMS man who saved my cat’s life. Cause that's all we got was the clothes on our backs,” she said.

Once word got out of her loss, people in Stanford responded, dropping off clothes and presents at the 911 Center and the fire department.

“We've had an outpouring of calls, people donating food, clothes; more toys. We had some toys left over so we're going to get the family a lot more stuff,” says Stanford Chief Kenny McDaniel.

“There's no words to show how much I appreciate what they've done,” says Taylor.

The Red Cross put the Taylor family up for the night at a Danville Motel. Taylor says she doesn't know where her permanent home is going to be.