Kentuckians gather at Capitol for tax protest

FRANKFORT, Ky. (AP) - Hundreds of Kentuckians carrying flags,
signs and brown-bag lunches gathered at the Capitol steps to
protest taxes and government as part of a national effort known as
the "tea party" movement.
The Saturday rally was organized by the group TEA Party of
Kentucky - with TEA standing for "taxed enough already." Similar
rallies were held in other cities statewide and nationwide.
The Frankfort event featured music and speakers as those
gathered sat on walls and in lawn chairs they brought from home.
All age ranges were represented in the crowd, from babies in
strollers to retirees.
Anderson County resident Sandra Leeds said she wanted to join
the rally to protest the Obama administration.
Leeds says it was the perfect way to celebrate the Fourth of
July because the government is, in her words, "taking away our

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