Truck crashes into family's backyard

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The Miller family of Richmond has become somewhat accustomed to vehicles crashing through their backyard fence. It happened again this July 4th holiday when a Dodge Ram pick-up truck with four occupants careened through their fence and landed on their deck.

The Miller's live on Hollywood Court but their backyard borders Highway 25 along a curve. Tracy Miller says that in the twelve years she and her family have lived in the home, ten cars have crashed through her fence. This most recent accident was by far the worse she said.

Miller said the pick-up truck was carrying four teenaged boys who were not wearing seat belts. She said the driver had been ejected but the other passengers were not seriously hurt.

The driver was transported to Patty A. Clay hospital in Richmond but was later taken to UK hospital for surgery to repair broken bones.

Miller said she is pleading with state and city lawmakers in hopes that a guardrail will be installed along the stretch of highway behind her home.

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