50+ transfusions later, boy thanks donor

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) – We invite you to donate blood Wednesday, June 4th at the WKYT studios.

Along with the Kentucky Blood Center, we’re giving you a reason to be “Livin by Givin" this summer.

"A lot of prayers have gone up for him," said Kim McClure, who donates life-saving platelets to Tanner Gutierrez, a student at Sandersville Elementary School.

Strings of beads symbolize every medical procedure Gutierrez has had in his 10 years on earth.

There have been a lot.

A survivor of brain cancer, little Tanner's undergone more than 50 platelet and blood transfusions.

McClure, who’s a family friend, made the decision a few years ago to donate platelets to Tanner.

"Just knowing that he needed it, it's worth the time and effort to go lay on that little bed for two hours," said McClure.

"It's just good, makes me feel good in general, just because I know that somebody I know has donated," said Gutierrez.

McClure says she never had a doubt about what she was doing.

"She'd call me when he was getting them and be like 'He's getting your platelets and he says they rock.’ I'd get those cold chills down my back and be like, it's all worth it."

Tanner's parents, Ann Welch and David Gutierrez, say they're now eternally grateful to Kim for her good deed.

"It's incredible to think that somebody would do this,” said Welch. “It's not an easy thing to ask people to give that much time and effort."

But, Kim says she knows first-hand, it's worth it to donate.

"It's going to help somebody. It's going to save a life. Go do it.”

The WKYT-Kentucky Blood Center blood drive is Wednesday from noon-7 p.m. at the WKYT Studios on 2851 Winchester Road in Lexington.

To register and get more information, go to http://www.kybloodcenter.org/wkyt.php

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