Sale of Twinkies helps raise thousands for children

A box of Twinkies is helping one group give Kentucky children a merry Christmas.

When the news spread of Hostess closing it's doors London businessman Larry Parrott knew the box of Twinkies he had could be put to a good use.

"I got to thinking, well maybe I can put these things on Facebook, and if I can raise $50 to $100 I'll give that to the local Shop With A Cop program," said Parrot who owns Parrot's Auto Mart.

Laurel County Sheriff John Root reposted the auction on his Facebook page and word spread of what Parrott was doing. The amount people were bidding for the cream filled cakes began to rise. As it crept close to $500 one of his friends challenged Parrott to give even more.

"He said 'If you'll match a couple hundred, I'll match a couple hundred and we'll get these up to $1,000,'" Parrott said.

The employees at Mountain Valley Insurance ended up winning the cakes, but they weren't the only ones pledging money as the auction went viral. The Laurel County Sheriff's Shop With A Cop program almost doubled in just a few days.

The sheriff's department had planned on taking 200 children shopping, now at least 350 will be going. School resource officers in Laurel County are now finding new children to sign up for the program.

"A box of Twinkies, it's amazing, snowballed into $15,000 worth of extra donations," Parrott said.

The sheriff's department is still accepting donations. The kids and cops go shopping on December 15th.

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