Cleaning up cigarette butts

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It's a dirty problem, Lexington city leaders and environmentalists are working to clean up.

Mayor Jim Newberry along with Bluegrass Pride announced a city wide cigarette litter project.

The campaign is passing out 20 cigarette butt receptacles decorated by school children to local businesses.

City leaders say littering not only is costly to clean up but it also contributes to storm water pollution, affecting water quality and becoming an environmental hazard.

Residents who notice excessive litter are also encouraged to call LexCalll 311 to ask for the Mad Vac to help clean up the area.

Bluegrass PRIDE has also said law and code enforcement agencies have been encouraged to take a more aggressive approach on citing those who litter.

Mayor Newberry is also trying to organize other clean-up initiatives, in preparation for the 2010 World Equestrian Games.

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