Police/Safety Officials Meet About Deadly Lincoln Accidents

An alarming trend, 10 dead in 6 months, from accidents in Lincoln County alone. Last year there were only 4 in that county all year, and this year officials say 6 out of the 10 involved alcohol or drugs.

But those from Lincoln County and Frankfort meeting Monday in hopes of figuring out why the county has become such a dangerous place for drivers say DUI isn't the only reason.

Lincoln County Coroner Bill Demrow has a theory and he says it has to do with the county's dangerous road structure.

“I think the pattern of all roads from the north-south, east and west, coming into Lincoln County, a 4-lane highway to a 2-lane (or to a) less quality road into Lincoln County,” said Demrow.

Demrow is questioning why major 4 lane projects are underway to Lincoln's north and south, but so far Lincoln is being left out.

He says the stats show Lincoln could be the deadliest county with possibly the narrowest highways.

“Lincoln County ranks 5th on the hwy fatalities, and if you take fatalities off the interstates, (we’re) probably number 1 in the state,” Demrow said.

New roads could be a long way off, but more education and enforcement, through road blocks, could be coming soon.

“We also talked about having an enforcement campaign at the end of July. Which will be 'Blue lights Across the Bluegrass',” said Chuck Geveden with the Kentucky Office of Highway Safety.

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