Soldier Wishlist Donates To Iraqi Village

A Frankfort family is helping to fulfill one Kentucky soldier's Christmas wish list, by helping him give back to the people in one Iraqi village.

The family wants to know are you willing and able to help?

A Lexington native, Major Wil Abell, has been stationed in Al Qayyarah, Iraq for some months.

Abell's family says, "it was his second email that got all this started. He said everybody wanted to know what he wanted for Christmas, he said he wanted donations for local people.

Out of that simple email a charity was born.

Named for the stationed soldier, it's called "Are You Willing and Abell". It's spear-headed by long-time family friends, the Lisles.

The family has already raised nearly $4,000 to send over, but this Thursday they hope to make it more than $30, 000. They're having a fundraiser to collect supplies and cash.

The family wants to thank everyone for their donations and wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a happy new Year.