Same suspect in two Leslie County murders

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A man already charged with one Leslie County murder is now a suspect in another one.

Charles D. Watts is charged with killing 21-year-old Chad Muncy in Mozelle in April. Days before Muncy died, 66-year-old Kelly Johnson was shot and killed in his Elkhorn home. Police are not saying if the two cases are connected, but say Watts is a suspect in both.

Johnson's family is looking for answers.

"I can't feel happy about anything anymore. I mean, I try, but there's just something missing," said Johnson's eldest daughter Jamie Sizemore.

The grand jury meets next month to consider charges against Watts in both cases. Police are still asking anyone with information in either case to come forward.

Johnson's daughters say their father was always ready to help. They are hoping someone will return the favor.

"I just want them to make a phone call to maybe help the investigation so we can get some answers because it will never be over for us, ever," said Sizemore.

"Whoever did this took somebody that lived through Vietnam, lived through cancer, lived through getting shot once to be taken in his own home getting ready to eat his supper. It's not fair," said Johnson's younger daughter Kelly Renee Johnson.

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