Former Michael Jackson concert promoter talks about his death

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It seems Michael Jackson's music has touched lives for years across the country, particularly for one Harrison County woman. The woman began working with Jackson at an early age and fondly remembers the musician she helped promote.

"I was in disbelief. I'm still in disbelief. It does not seem like, despite all the news and everything, does not seem like he's gone", says Peggy Rogers.

Watching the memorial ceremony for Michael Jackson is hard for Peggy Rogers.

"He was twelve when I met him", Rogers says.

A concert promoter for Dick Clark in California for 28 years, they dealt with the Jackson 5 for several years.

"He got an exclusive with the group and we did all their tours, so just as the first record broke from then on for quite awhile. You would have to say Michael was very professional. He was a 12-year-old grown up adult", says Rogers.

For a couple of years, Peggy Rogers became close with the group.

"The kids used to often stop by to say hi, all the Jackson 5", says Rogers.

Memories she's now holding onto. Rogers moved back to Kentucky in the 80's to be back in her hometown of Cynthiana. She's now working for 1400 AM, but remembering the times she had with the group.

"I broke my foot at the Osmond concert and all of the Jackson 5 came to the office to sign my cast. All five of them signed it. I'd give anything to have that cast now", Peggy Rogers says.

Now, she's watching the world say goodbye to the music legend she knew at an early age.

"He was a kind person. You could tell he cared about people and wanted everyone around him to be happy", says Rogers.

She says Michael is someone both she and the world will never forget.

"It's a very sad day. We have lost a great talent and person. The world will miss him", says Peggy Rogers.

Peggy Rogers was the concert promoter for the Jackson 5 for two years.

The last time she saw Michael was in 1985 when he was shopping in Beverly Hills. She returned home to Kentucky shortly after that.

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