Mystery Over Church Roof Collapse

Pastor Cleveland Johnson couldn't believe the phone call he received yesterday afternoon.

“Well I come in from the hospital, the phone rang, and a lady called and said 'your church has fell in.' I thought she was pulling a prank on me,” said Rev. Johnson.

But Johnson pulled up and sure enough...the sanctuary of Clear Springs Missionary Baptist on Ky. 619 in Russell County was a total mess. The big mystery is what caused the roof to cave in, more or less destroying the sanctuary.

“Everybody's got a different opinion..but no one knows,” said Johnson.

No one was inside the church and the minister says VBS had just ended.

Most of the damage is where the majority of the congregation sits, towards the middle.

“The main thing is that the Lord is in control. And we trust him to take care of things,” said Johnson.

The church was built 13 years ago and it's survived big snows and high winds. But something yesterday caused it to come down.

“We had licensed electricians, plumbers, and carpenters and we used good material. We tried to build it really good,” said Johnson.

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