Puppy speared by BBQ fork on his way to recovery

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You have to see it to believe it. A large fork pierces a Chihuahua brain prompting emergency surgery. Somehow the puppy is OK.

Smokey is a 12 week old Chihuahua puppy who was somehow reunited with his family on Wednesday afternoon.

On Sunday, during mealtime at a Manchester home the Wager family was getting ready to feed smokey and the family's other dogs.

Hughie Wager says his sister was using BBQ knife to scoop out the food when the fork broke off, flew through the air, and lodged itself in Smokey's head.

The shock of it sent Smokey running into the woods, not to be seen for two days.

Smokey came back and was taken immediately to Cumberland Valley Animal Hospital.

Dr. Keaton Smith took Smokey directly to surgery saying it took 30 seconds to remove the fork, saying the whole time Smokey never appeared to be in pain.

Hours after the surgery Smokey was alert and eating and again not showing any signs of pain.

The doctor says he's never seen anything like this before, and while Smokey might not be out of the woods until 6 weeks from now.

He's optimistic for a full recovery.

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