Family of Lexington doctor speak out

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The family of a Lexington doctor shot and killed in Clark county are speaking out for the first time. Kevin Mann said outside his brother's office Wednesday that they were not aware of Rodney's intentions to get revenge on the man he believed keyed his car at Sam's club in Lexington. According to a police report, Mann says Charles Steppe keyed his car after they got into an argument in line inside the store.

Lexington police confirm they sent Mann a letter explaining the process of filing charges and sources say Mann got Steppe's address off the report. He then went to Steppe's home Sunday where police say he began slashing his tires. Steppe and Mann began to fight when Steppe confronted him.

Police say Steppe was able to wrestle one of Mann's two guns from him and shoot him in the leg. Police say it hit an artery and Mann was later pronounced dead. Police have not filed any charges against Steppe, claiming it was in self-defense. However, they plan to present the case to a grand jury.

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