Family Calls Infant's Life a Miracle

Earlier this month, we told you about a collision between a van and train that killed one child, and injured his mother and young siblings.

The Smith family was leaving a Christmas dinner two weeks ago when a train hit the van, taking the life of seven-year old Daniel Smith.

"I know we lost someone we're going to miss, but it's just a miracle we have 4 left," said Wilma Sears, the victim's aunt.

Wilma Sears and her husband, Rod, were behind the Smiths when the accident happened.
They knew 3 of their nephews had been thrown from the van, one of them an infant. They figured there was no way 16-month old David could have survived.

"The first thing I heard was the baby making a noise."

Rod Sears says it was pitch dark, but that something bigger than him pointed him toward David sitting in his car seat.

"It was just sitting there like someone had placed it there. I knew God had been with him and just sat him there on top of that brush. I just reached over and picked him up and he was fine," said Rod.

David was taken from the scene with out a scratch.
The family says David now serves as a reminder that miracles can happen and life will go on.

As for the other 3 boys and their mother, they're all now out of the hospital, and recovering at home.