Former Corrections Officer Sentenced

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Frank Stivers was indicted for having a sexual relationship with a female inmate at the Federal Bureau of Prisions Federal Medical Center while he was a corrections officer there.

Today he was sentenced to three years of probation to begin serving immediately and six months of home detention in U.S District Court.

Stivers apologized for his behavior and said he was under a great deal of emotional stress when the relationship took place.

His attorney says his long history in the corrections field may have helped him.

"He'd worked for the state system before the federal system. he had a minimum record before today in federal court. i think the judge felt he was no longer a threat to society and that's why he recommended probation in this case," said his attorney, Jim Baechtold.

Stivers pleaded guilty to the charges in October. As part of his sentence Stivers cannot be employed as a law enforcement official or correctional officer while on probation.