Federal judge in bid-rigging trial wants to limit pretrial publicity

FRANKFORT, Ky. (AP) - A federal judge says he's looking to limit
publicity in the weeks before a high-profile bid-rigging trial in
U.S. District Judge Karl S. Forester says he wants to limit new
court filings during the 60 days before the trial of highway
contractor Leonard Lawson, former Transportation Secretary Bill
Nighbert and Lawson aide Brian Billings.
The three are accused of conspiring to steer about $130 million
worth of highway construction contracts to Lawson's companies. All
have entered not guilty pleas.
Forester says limiting court filings may limit potential jurors'
exposure to news stories. He said he doesn't think the trial will
start before November.
Forester also ruled the federal court does not have jurisdiction
in an open records dispute over a Lawson interview from the 1980s.

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