KY Congressman Responds To Criticism Over Michael Jackson Comment

Congressman John Yarmuth

During an interview with a Los Angeles radio station, Rep. John Yarmuth used the words "outrageous" and "nauseated" to describe a moment of silence for the king of pop.

It took place two weeks ago in the house chambers. The Louisville lawmaker told the Los Angeles radio station he felt compelled to leave the house floor because it was not the appropriate time or place to be honoring Michael Jackson.

"This was all about interrupting the floor of the House for something that was not related to the business that we were supposed to be doing," he said.

Yarmuth said he never intended for his actions to slight Michael Jackson's legacy.

He did say he has no problem supporting a resolution being pushed by the Congressional Black Caucus that would honor Jackson's humanitarian efforts.

However on Thursday, the Speaker of the House said she wouldn't support a resolution that would honor Jackson.

In a news conference Thursday Rep. Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., said she didn't think it was necessary.

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