Attempted purse snatching at Lexington store

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It was supposed to be a routine trip to a Lexington Walmart, but instead a woman actually found herself fighting for her belongings.

The woman, who asked to stay anonymous, says she was walking through the home and garden section at the Walmart on West New Circle Road when someone grabbed her purse.

She says she struggled with the man, trying to hold on to her purse, and even fell to the ground, cutting her arm.

She says the man ran away and tossed her purse aside, but held on to her wallet.

She says he turned around however, pointing to the pockets on his shorts and to his ear as if he had lost his cell phone. The woman says she asked the man if he lost his phone and he shook his head. She says she told him she would help him find it, afraid he was going to take her purse again.

When the man found the phone, she says he then held up three fingers and she motioned to her wallet. She gave him the $3.00 she had in her wallet and she says he then ran away.

Lexington police are looking for the man responsible for this incident.

The woman describes him as being a black male, less than 25 years old, around 5'8", between 145 to 150 pounds, wearing a Kentucky blue shirt, blue jean shorts, and tennis shoes.

If you have any information about the man involved in this incident, call Lexington police.

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