Courtroom scuffle in Bourbon County

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It was supposed to be a normal juvenile hearing but it was anything but that today in a Bourbon County courtroom. Officials say a teen began yelling and even attacked a bailiff, all while standing before a judge.

Bobby Million is a familiar face around the Bourbon County courthouse serving as a bailiff, but today while on the job he was attacked.

"We had a juvenile hearing in our courtroom and the juvenile got very upset and distraught and decided to go off in our courtroom", says Detective Jeff Asbury with the Bourbon County Sheriff's Department.

Standing before Judge Mary Jane Phelps, the teen, still in shackles, turned on 72-year-old Bobby Million.

"He started fighting, kicking and would not cooperate with our bailiff, even with verbal orders that were given to him to stop arguing and fighting and causing any issues and a disturbance", says Detective Asbury.

It's a courtroom disturbance Million has encountered before. In 2004, then 20-year-old Larry Crump hit Million and got away with his gun. He escaped but was caught later that day and shot by police when he refused to drop the gun he had taken.

Authorities say these are just two incidents that go to show the risks they can face daily.

"Anything could happen and that's the risk they do take having to deal with", says Detective Asbury.

Bobby Million was taken to the Bourbon County Community Hospital for minor injuries to his hand. We're told he had some cuts from the incident but is now doing fine.

The juvenile in this case was taken to the Fayette County Detention Center where he is now in custody. Authorities say he will face pending charges.

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