Report: North Korea's Kim has pancreatic cancer

SEOUL, South Korea (AP) - A South Korean TV report says North
Korean leader Kim Jong Il has life-threatening pancreatic cancer.

Seoul's YTN television says the 67-year-old Kim was diagnosed
with the cancer around the time he was reportedly felled by a
stroke last summer. The report cites unidentified intelligence
officials in South Korea and China.

The report comes days after new images of Kim looking gaunt
spurred speculation that his health might be worsening.

Pancreatic cancer is usually found in its final stage. The
report says considering Kim's age, he is expected to live no more
than five years.

Kim's health is a focus of intense media speculation due to
concerns about instability and a power struggle if he were to die
without naming a successor. His third and youngest son, Kim Jong
Un, has widely been reported as being groomed as heir, but the
regime has made no announcement to the outside world.

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