Guilty pleas in Lincoln County murder cases

Deonte Simmons, Charles Smith and Neccolus Mundy could have faced the death penalty if convicted, but their plea deal could mean just a life sentence for Simmons and 20 years each for Smith and Mundy.

“And knowing that all 5 of them are now behind bars..for taking my son's life. I feel justice has been served,” said Sherry Moore, Bo Upton’s mother, after the guilty pleas were entered.

Prosecutors would have presented evidence that Deonte Simmons was the trigger man who actually shot and killed Bo Upton, but Upton's mother says that doesn't make her feel any different about him.

Moore says in her eyes, all five are killers.

“I don't know everything, but it looks like they all went there, all had blue bandannas, all had guns, it's not like they were not going to do something evil,” said Moore.

For prosecutors it puts an end to what was first a 6 and a half year old murder mystery that was all solved when Jamarkos Campbell just happened to spit out a bag of cocaine he was trying to smuggle into jail.

It happened, police say, when Campbell was being held on unrelated drug charges in Madison County.

That bag and Campbell's DNA was a match to DNA found on a bandanna at the crime scene.

“I’m glad we have a DNA database, because without having Jamarkos Campbell's DNA on file, these guys would have gotten away with murder,” said Commonwealth’s Attorney Eddy Montgomery.

Simmons, Smith, and Mundy, .along with Matthew Tolson, whose testimony prosecutors said was key in getting a jury conviction, will be finally sentenced on August 28th.

Simmons could serve life in prison without the possibility of parole for 25 years on the agreed amended charge of wanton murder.

Smith and Mundy pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of facilitation to commit murder and could receive a total of 20 years on all charges.

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