Lexington woman robbed in her own home

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A Lexington woman is robbed in her own home, and the family says the two responsible even held a gun to a baby's head before they made off with her money.

"It's sad you can't live safely and have to worry about people coming in and holding your kids at gunpoint", says Jenny Keller, whose sister was robbed in her Lexington home.

It was a scary morning for Jenny Keller. Her sister lives on Brynell Drive and was robbed earlier today inside her home by two people she had met before.

"She knew them. She let them in the doors and that's when they grabbed the baby and was holding the baby to play with it and pulled out a gun and held it to the baby's head", Keller says.

Police say the two people responsible are 19-year-old Audreal Hopkins and 20-year-old James Wilson.

"They robbed the victim of cash and then left in what is described as an older model red car, possibly a Monte Carlo", says Sgt. Michael Sharp with the Lexington Police Department.

The victim's family says made off with everything the homeowner had on her.

"Cash and her telephone and cigarettes. She said about $300 in cash", says Jenny Keller.

This family says they're just thankful police found the two people responsible for the crime.

"Holding guns to babies. That's crazy", says Jenny Keller.

Nobody was injured in this incident. Both Audreal Hopkins and James Wilson are being charged with first degree robbery.

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