How to look for hidden hotel fees

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If you think you have great deal on a hotel, you might want to think again. More often experts say people are getting hit with hidden fees.

Nancy Chapiee, an independent travel consultant says, "There's so many of them, and really, it's very maddening. She says some hotels are looking at nickel and dimming you with hidden fees for one simple reason, the weak economy."

You could have a resort fee, as much as $25 to $30 a day. It may include a daily newspaper or the use of the gym and that's not all.

You could have a mini bar charge. If you bump it and it sets off an alarm all of the sudden you're charged.

More consumer watch dog groups like the Utility Consumers Action Network or U-CAN say hotels are supposed to make an effort to tell you what you're being charged and why when you make reservations. But in some cases fees are disclosed at the time you're checking in.

"That's not right. They're supposed to disclose fees. They're supposed to, but there's no specific law that requires it," Chapiee says.

That's why you need to do your homework.

What is the room tax and services fees? Am I going to be charged valet parking?

Be up front, and make sure the hotel where you're staying does the same thing. And remember, hotels want your business so feel free to negotiate.

Chances are you can get some fees reduced or eliminated.

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