Pam Bartley murder trial has time consuming jury selection

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A Mt. Sterling murder trial is on hold until 14 impartial jurors can be found.

Given the publicity of the case and the notoriety of the Bartley family finding an impartial jury proved to be a time consuming task.

The judge was able to narrow down the pool of 83 by 34 people within the first two hours.

The 34 dismissed having having some knowledge of either the Bartley family, a potential witness, or other reasons.

Given the high profile nature of this case the individuals who made it to the second phase received some individual questioning behind closed doors.

Once the task of finding 14 impartial people is complete the jurors will hear the evidence against Pam Bartley.

Bartley is accused of killing her husband nearly two years ago. The body of Carl Bartley was found in the garage of his Jeffersonville home with a gunshot wound to the back of his head.

Months would pass before a Grand Jury indicted Pam Bartley for murder.

As her trial gets underway the judge has ordered extra security be brought in to ensure safety for everyone.

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