Storm survivor recounts tornado that left her paralyzed

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It's a story of survival, as Katreena McKee recounts the F3 tornado that touched down in the Kirksville community in Madison County just two months ago, throwing her trailer into a pond and killing her friend Glenda Charbonnel and her fiance Michael Yarber.

While still painful to talk about, McKee says she has a new outlook on life and is thankful to be alive.

After enduring 10 surgeries to her head and suffering from a broken back, McKee will likely be paralyzed from the chest down. She says with her family by her side, like her father, Danny McKee, who comes to the hospital every day, she has the strength to carry on.

McKee's two sons, 4-year old Trevor and 16-month old Travis, were in the trailer with her, also survived the storm. She says once she is released from the hospital, she will go home with her father and two children.

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