Corbin woman says bats have invaded her home

Catherine Hinkle began noticing all the bat droppings around the outside of her home about 2 months ago. And her son even had a not so comfortable close encounter with them one night.

“And they started to buzz around his's frightening,” said Hinkle who says bats have found a place to live in her attic in her Gordon Hill, Corbin home.

And she says markings on the ceiling above her living room are further evidence of an infestation.

“So when they are scratching and knawing at it, they're coming through the drywall,” she said.

Hinkle says an exterminator told her it's illegal to kill the bats because they're an endangered species. And she's between a rock and a hard place because she can't afford to pay someone to humanely draw them out.

She estimates there are probably more than 100 bats living in her attic, a place she's now too afraid to venture into.

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