Police plan increased enforcement after an increase in deadly traffic crashes

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With the start of the Blue Lights Across the Bluegrass campaign, drivers can expect to see more law enforcement on the roads from the local to state levels.

Fatalities on Kentucky's roads are on the rise.

"Let's beef up enforcement to get those numbers down," says Chuck Geveden, the Kentucky Office of Highway Safety.

As of July 15 of this year, there were 405 fatalities. That's three more than this time last year. Highway officials say 335 of those numbers were not wearing seat belts. It's a problem highway officials say education and extra enforcement will address.

A total of 37 counties have been targeted as counties with four or more fatalities. Local law enforcement as well as state police have been given $250,000 for this campaign for the increased patrol.

The campaign starts July 20 and will go through the end of the month.

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