27 NEWSFIRST obtains tapes of police shooting

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We're getting a better idea of what happened as Lexington police fired at a robbery suspect.

27 NEWSFIRST obtained the dispatch tapes from last Thursday's shooting outside a Shell station on Newtown Pike.

The suspect, 30-year old Lavonna Dillon was killed. The tapes paint the frantic scene that police faced that morning.

Dispatch: "Robbery just occurred at the Shell station on 1070 Newtown Pike. Possible suspect is a white female, posing as a pregnant lady last seen wearing a sweater."

Officer Jared Jones was in the area and is on the scene in about a minute.

Jones: "I have a subject, female has a subject at gunpoint."

It would later be discovered that 30-year old Lavonna Dillon was pointing a gun at the clerk.

Jones: "She's exiting the rear of the store. I have subject at gunpoint, I have her at gunpoint."

Police say Dillon would fire at Jones and Lt. Raymond Roller.

Jones: "Shots fired, subject down."

Jones and Roller would return fire, striking Dillon. She would later die at UK hospital. Lexington police say their officers acted appropriately and were placed on modified duty.

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