Standoff in Lexington neighborhood

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It was a tense situation in Lexington today after a standoff began with a fight between roommates.

It was a sight to see today for people living along the 500 block of East Louden Avenue. That's where police blocked off the roadway for a standoff taking place at 527 East Louden Avenue.

"We set up a perimeter for the citizens safety and also for the officers safety, and the safety of those inside", says Lt. Richard Bottoms with the Lexington Police Department.

Police say they rushed to the area after reports of a man in his front yard causing a disturbance with his rifle. They say 43-year-old William Yarbrough fought with his roommate, causing $1,300 worth of damage to their home. He then locked himself in when police showed up and refused to come out.

"We eventually made phone contact with the subject. He originally made threats", says Lt. Richard Bottoms.

Lt. Richard Bottoms says Yarbrough told officers that anyone that went into his home would be hurt and had a note on his door saying to enter at your own misery. It also says anyone who entered the home would be hurt.

Neighbors say the men that live here hadn't been here long and this wasn't the first time police have been to this home.

About last week or so. I know there's been some trouble between that house and the house across from it", says Lori Taylor, who witnessed the standoff.

Lori Taylor was one of many people watching the East Louden Avenue standoff behind closed doors as police finally got Yarbrough and his roommate out of the house.

"An officer was hiding behind my care and several officers and everything hiding behind things", says Lori Davis.

"They stayed behind the cars and told people to stay inside because they didn't know if he was gonna shoot down this way", says Elmer Davis, a neighbor.

Police arrested William Yarbrough. He was charged with terroristic threatening, criminal mischief, and possession of drug paraphernalia. Police say no shots were fired in this standoff.

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