Lexington Church Theft

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They'd spent years saving money for a Fellowship hall, but members of a Lexington church say that money all disappeared in one night because of a thief who hid inside the church.

Monday night was choir practice at the Now Faith Worship Center in Lexington, but on that night someone used the church for other reasons.

"It had to be someone who came in during choir rehearsal and stayed in here and hid until we left Monday night", says Reverend Arlester Washington.

Reverend Arlester Washington says the next day they noticed a window broken in the church.

"It's unbelievable that people disrespect and desecrate God's house like that", says Reverend Washington.

Reverend Washington says police told them someone had broken out of the church.

"Police said someone had actually stayed in here because the glass was broken out and the glass was on the outside of the window", says Reverend Washington.

It was what that person took with them that upset the church members. For four years they've raised money to put up these steel beams and to turn it into a Fellowship Hall.

"When we get it built, it will have a clothes bank and food pantry in there", says Reverend Washington.

Both places where the money was stored was wiped out by the person who hid in the church. It's an act they say was beyond shocking for these church members who are now starting over on their Fellowship Hall fund.

"It blew my mind someone would steal God's money. It wasn't our money. It was God's money and I think he'll make them pay for what they've done", says Reverend Washington.

Church members are asking you get involved if you have information in this case. Just contact the Lexington Police Department with that information.

Church members say they are still trying to determine how much money was stolen. They say police are looking into whether this theft was random or if a church member was involved.

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