Whitley Parents Arrested For DUI Incident

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It was almost 2 o'clock in the morning and Twyla and Joseph Cornett were heading home from the Williamsburg Wal Mart. But that's when Twyla Cornett says she no longer wanted to drive.

“I told him (husband) I wanted to pull over and let him drive..because I couldn't drive no further,” she said from the Whitley County jail.

Twyla got out but her actions alarmed police.

“We noticed Cornett acting strange. Concerned for her safety. On the side of the interstate,” said officer Shawn Jackson.

According to the police report, Twyla Cornett was found with pill residue up her nose, was unsteady on her feet, and couldn't function.

But Cornett says the only drug she was on was her prescribed Xanax.

But police say this was her 4th DUI offense and 3rd for driving on a suspended license. Cornett says police are targeting her for something she knows about her uncle's death when he was in jail.

“Every time they arrest me they try to charge me with this. Every time,” Cornett said.

Tyla's husband Joseph was charged with drug possession and allowing Twyla to drive.

“She shouldn't have been behind the wheel. And as for being out late at night, not a big deal. We're good parents,” he said.

Their 2 year old and 2 month old are now in their grandparents' custody. And Twyla claims police shouldn't have arrested her for only being on her prescribed Xanax.

“I have settled down and I straightened up. And I took my medicine right,” she said.

But police say driving after taking Xanax is just as dangerous as driving drunk.

“It can alter depth perception, vision and knowledge, and rational decision making,” said Officer Jackson.

Both remain in jail on 10 thousand dollars cash bond.

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