Bizarre chain of events causes home to catch fire

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A woman's home caught fire Thursday afternoon after a tree fell on some power lines, south of Stanton, in rural Powell County.

Police say heavy rains knocked down a 70 feet tall tree, which then knocked down a power line. Electric crews says when the power line snapped it whipped toward the house, landing on a gas line on the home's roof.

The home was about 50 yards from the powerline.

The sparks then ignited the gas which caused one of the rooms to catch fire.

Firefighters say a woman who lives in the home, heard the commotion and ran outside. We're told when she realized what happened she then ran into the home, shut off her the gas and then rescued her dog.

In the process the woman fell injuring herself.

Firefighters were able to prevent the fire from spreading, but the damage was already done. Once the fire was out, the same tree had to be removed.

Power has since then been restored to the neighboring homes.

The tree in the road could have posed some delays for a bike race set to pass on the road, but they were diverted to another path.

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