Suspect arrested in deadly gas station robbery

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A man wanted in connection with last week's deadly robbery at a Lexington gas station is now in jail.

Gary Isaacs, 54, was arrested early Friday in Jackson County after Kentucky State Police and the Jackson County Sheriff's Department were notified Isaacs may be in the area.

Lexington Police say Isaacs drove Lavonna Dillon to the Newtown Pike Shell station and knew she was going to rob it last Thursday.

Isaac's mother Gladys, says her son only knew Dillon a short time before the crime, and were introduced through mutual friends.

She says her son had no idea Dillon was intending to rob the place, even saying it was her car Isaac was driving.

Dillon was later shot and killed by police when they say she shot at them.

Police found Isaacs on Highway 3447 in Jackson County hiding in the trunk of a car. He's also charged with resisting arrest.

At the same location, police arrested Terry Reed. He is charged with hindering apprehension, cultivating marijuana and carrying a concealed deadly weapon.

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